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A woman smoke Newport cigarettes

Today, When i go home after the class, a slender figure attracted me when i passing through the corridor, it is a woman, decadent sitting on the porch. Eyes filled with vacant emotion, half Newport Menthol cigarettes burning on her hand, emitting a white smoke, floating on her . . . ..........Read full article

One pack of Marlboro red cigarettes

The weather is so changeable for a long time, just like my mood, up and down.Today i feel very depressed, don't want to do anything.I just want to find something to comfort my broken heart.When i come back from work, i bought a pack of Marlboro red regular cigarettes.At home, take . . . ..........Read full article

The taste of Newport short cigarettes

For the first time,Cigarette choke and got stuck in the throat;The second time,Cigarettes are expertly sandwiched between the fingers;The third time,There are similar lonely blue smoke cigarettes;This time,After Newport regular cigarette burns love hearts;The last time,Cigarette is . . . ..........Read full article

The first time i smoke Marlboro cigarettes

What are not belonging to the legendary first smoking a curious fun, a cigarette after a draw down, except for the first time feel choked others no feeling and a series of smoke, Marlboro regular cigarettes, smoked in the mouth with a hint of good flavor, except i think that . . . ..........Read full article

The first meet with Marlboro cigarettes

When she was young, she has meet with him.Since then, everything about him all come in her eyes.She knows all his favorites foods, films, even his move.She knows that her life can be nothing without him.But in the end, he left without saying anything.She is good as dead until she . . . ..........Read full article

Why i like Newport cigarette

Cigarettes is really a good thing exists in the world for a long time.Cigarettes just like your lover, the moment you touch it, you can't help falling in love with it.The Newport menthol cigarettes give you a cooling feel.In addition, it can also relieve your pain and release your . . . ..........Read full article

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